Program for calculating S

Please paste an English text in the box below and click the SUBMIT button.Then the program will calculate
an S value for the text and return a result.

If the text length is between 50 and 1000 words, the program runs. However, in order to yield reliable results,
it should be at least 200 words. It is recommended that you pre-edit your text so that misspelled words and
proper names are not counted as advanced words. In other words, it is a good idea to correct spelling mistakes
in the text and put proper nouns in triangular brackets <> (e.g. <Kojima>). In addition, you can put any words
you want the program to ignore, such as words from the writer's first language, within the two triangular brackets.

Cardinal and ordinal Arabic numerals (e.g. 13, 21st) and other non-alphabetical symbols are automatically ignored,
which means that contractions like don't and can't are treated as two words and hyphenated words are
broken down into multiple words (e.g. three-year-old --> three year old).

last updated: 13.09.2013 Masumi Kojima